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because when misha hears “bed,” he turns over and spreads his legs towards jesus, hallelujah.

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Things we learnt about Misha on Whose Line:

  • He knows exactly when to get on his knees
  • and when to spread his legs
  • he still doesn’t know how to dance
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Dont live in the US, missed the episode, want to watch it again, well here you go!

Watch and tweet to help with the ratings!

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Belle featurette from Fox Searchlight Pictures

AHH! CanNOT wait for this to come out!!

i love the fact that a black woman directed this

Black woman director. Black woman writer. Black woman lead. Love this.

Everybody get the fuck out there and watch it. Take a friend. Take two friends. Go twice.


Hollywood has a vested interest in watching this film fail.

Hollywood does not like leads who are not white men.

Hollywood tolerates writers who are not men, but not often.

Hollywood doesn’t like directors who aren’t white men, either, unless they’re Alfonso Cuaron, who is still a man.

Hollywood likes to prove that these are films that “people”—that means you, that means me—will not watch, so they can go back to making movies where the men are white and the women are props.

Make this film explode. Make it impossible to ignore. See it opening weekend and tell everyone you meet how it spoke to you and why.

Look for online reviews and leave comments. If your local newspaper has no critic section, write a letter to the editor. Tell a friend. Tell two friends. Tell your mother’s friends who like romcoms.

You can do something just by spending ten bucks and opening your mouth about it.

What are you doing? You’re encouraging visibility. You’re encouraging diversity. You’re encouraging women in an industry that’s very Good Ole Boys Club.

And also, you get to see what looks like it’s going to be one damned fine movie.

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you fucking piece of shit

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theres nothin that HOOKS me, nothin that REELS ME INTO A NARRATIVE more than the question “are these two thin sexy white wealthy cisgender heterosexual people gonna be able to get together????” im on the EDGE OF MY SEAT, PLEASE KEEP MAKING THE SAME MOVIE

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 #that’s it #that’s the show

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The moment I fell in love with Firefly (x)

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Firefly Rewatch: 1.06 (Our Mrs. Reynolds) - I want you all to meet…

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